Saturday, October 4, 2008

Diego Bunuel

Diego Bunuel is the host of a show in National Geographic Channel's Don't Tell My Mother. It's a travel show to some of the world's least accessible places.

I learned that he is the grandson of the legendary spanish director Luis Bunuel.

I think he's cute. Not too cute or handsome but handsome enough to be noticed.

I saw just one episode where he went to North Korea under the guise of being a tourist. He documents the way of life in the last truly socialist country on earth.

He interviews the people and how the North Koreans hate Americans, yet sell American products in the supermarket (which it seems is reserved only for the few who have money).

One of the most unbelievable part of the program was when he asked his guide about the North Korean's view on homosexuality. The older guide said that there is no such thing on NK and it is illegal. The younger guide is baffled - he doesn't know what homosexuality is. And when Diego explained it to him, his face is one of disbelief. Whew!

Angel of Mine

I chanced upon this picture while browsing through some blog.

I don't normally grab pictures and post them in my blog, but he is so cute.

If he is my angel, I just wish he'd take the fall and become human so he could be with me.

Imagine waking up everyday to him.

He's handsome/cute in a boyish kind of way. I've always liked brown to blond (but not too blond hair), especially it's curly or wavy.

Angel of Mine.