Thursday, May 14, 2009

Project Runway Villains and Favorites

Like any other reality shows, Project Runway has its villains:

Season 1 saw Wendy Pepper (a 40-something mom from Middleburg, Virginia). I think the biggest mistake of Wendy is having a "strategy" that involves feigning closeness with fellow designers and learning their weaknesses in the hope of using those weaknesses later in the show. Had she been in Survivor, that strategy would have worked but hey, this is a reality show that judges based on talent and creativity. It's not surprising that viewers and other contestants detest her. She went on to finish third in the final runway show.

Season 2 saw Santino Rice (a designer from Los Angeles) who has a very strong point of view - in design and attitude. He argued very strongly with Nina Garcia (fashion editor of Elle magazine) on the lingerie collection challenge. His works are edgy but sometimes (especially during the middle of the series) goes beyond the boundary of taste and commercial viability. He went on to finish third in the final runway show (behind Chloe Dao and cutie Daniel Vosovic). I think his biggest mistake is losing his point of view for his collection. He was put there on the top 3 because of his point of view as a fashion designer but he lost so much of his personality in the final show that it was boring. Also, without the rags of clothes in his clothes, the wrong fit of the garments was readily apparent.

Season 3 had Jeffrey Sabelia and Zuleman something. Jeffrey won the show while Zuleman got eliminated in the middle episodes. Jeffrey is not as villainous as Wendy and Santino but I think he lacks tact and patience. Zuleman has a very strong personality which sometimes conflicted with fellow designers.

Season 4 had Christian Siriano. He's the least villainous of all and the most talented (but needs refinement in taste). He won season 4 (which I believe handsome Rami Kashou should have won). Christian is more of annoying and tactless rather than villainous.

Except for Christian, I believe the common thread between these people are the desperation (often coupled with questionable talent) to get to Bryant Park. For Santino and Jeffrey, I understand where they're coming from: Santino had a really bad time as a designer and went serious depression after his collection (prior to Project Runway) bombed. Jeffrey Sabelia was a drug addict in his younger days and is mending his ways. For Wendy, I believe her reason is that she is the oldest among the designers and needs the chance really badly in order to get noticed before her time ends. Still this is no reason not to be nice with other designers.

Of course I also have my favorites: Kara Saun (so talented, impeccable finishing) of season 1; cutie Daniel Vosovic (season 2); humble Mychael Knight (season 3); and handsome Rami Kashou of season 4.

Guys from Project Runway

I've watched Project Runway seasons 1 to 4 and I must say that I am impressed by the designers.

I particularly like two guys: Rami Kashou (season 4) and Daniel Vosovic (season 2). They are cute and talented designers and in my mind, I've already made a scenerio where they are together (like together in a romantic kind of way) and oohh, hot hot hot.

Rami Kashou is a called the master of drapery because he performs clothes with beautiful draping. He was born in Jerusalem to a Jordanian mother (a Ms. Jordan in her time) and I must say that he looks hot.

Daniel Vosovic is an America-born guy (don't know why the surname though). He is talented, young and such a cutie (I have a thing for guys who can pull off a long hair). He is such a talented designer with a refined taste level (unlike Christian Siriano who is young and talented but whose taste needs a little refinement).

Of course, there's Robert Plotkin of season 1:

He's also hot (and straight) but not as talented as the previous two.

Then there's Mario Cadenas:

He's a Venezuelan-born designer (or was he born in America but with Venezuelan roots) who was in season 1 of project runway. He got eliminated early on in the show but he's hot, owing to his Latino roots.

There are other guys who I find worth mentioning: Jack McEnroth (who had to leave the season 4 series because of HIV-inflicted health problems), Daniel Franco (claims to be straight, eliminated in first episode of season 1, went back for season 2 and eliminated but with head held high), and Ricky Lizalde (season 4).

Of course, with a show like Project Runway, it is expected that most of the guys are gay (hello! this is fashion designing) but it's ok. I love the guys just the same.

I'll be starting season 5 this weekend. Who's gonna be the hottie this time?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Household Project

I finally decided not to buy a new table for my apartment. Instead I used my bed table (not sure if that is how it's called but it is used to serve as a table while you are lying in bed), removed its leg (stand) and put it on top of my two old bookcases. I bought some accessories, put curtains in between kitchen and living space and voila! Finally got a new setting.