Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guys from Project Runway

I've watched Project Runway seasons 1 to 4 and I must say that I am impressed by the designers.

I particularly like two guys: Rami Kashou (season 4) and Daniel Vosovic (season 2). They are cute and talented designers and in my mind, I've already made a scenerio where they are together (like together in a romantic kind of way) and oohh, hot hot hot.

Rami Kashou is a called the master of drapery because he performs clothes with beautiful draping. He was born in Jerusalem to a Jordanian mother (a Ms. Jordan in her time) and I must say that he looks hot.

Daniel Vosovic is an America-born guy (don't know why the surname though). He is talented, young and such a cutie (I have a thing for guys who can pull off a long hair). He is such a talented designer with a refined taste level (unlike Christian Siriano who is young and talented but whose taste needs a little refinement).

Of course, there's Robert Plotkin of season 1:

He's also hot (and straight) but not as talented as the previous two.

Then there's Mario Cadenas:

He's a Venezuelan-born designer (or was he born in America but with Venezuelan roots) who was in season 1 of project runway. He got eliminated early on in the show but he's hot, owing to his Latino roots.

There are other guys who I find worth mentioning: Jack McEnroth (who had to leave the season 4 series because of HIV-inflicted health problems), Daniel Franco (claims to be straight, eliminated in first episode of season 1, went back for season 2 and eliminated but with head held high), and Ricky Lizalde (season 4).

Of course, with a show like Project Runway, it is expected that most of the guys are gay (hello! this is fashion designing) but it's ok. I love the guys just the same.

I'll be starting season 5 this weekend. Who's gonna be the hottie this time?

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