Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something to Think About

This week, I watched The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I don't normally watch this show but I had the channel on Maxxx since I was waiting for the The Colbert Report (pronounced the Colber Repor).

On that particular episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart had Mike Huckabee (the Republican who ran against John McCain in the Republican primaries). The discussion is about Huckabee's book and somehow it went on to gay rights, particularly on the the right to marry.

Being a Republican, Huckabee is a conservative (liberal Republican is somewhat an oxymoron) and opposes gay marriage, while Jon Stewart, being a New Yorker in show business is pro-gay marriage.

One point raised by Jon Stewart that really retained in my memory. He said that religion is more a choice than homosexuality is, and religious freedom and rights are given more protection by the US government (and most of the world) than gay rights.

This is quite true since people in the free world has the right to choose their religious belief, but sexuality, is more difficult to choose. Some are born with genetic predisposition to be gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dr. Who

I'm hooked on another series right now. After watching the full ten seasons of "Friends" and watching them again and again, I think I've finally moved on to other series.
Right now it's Dr. Who, a series produced by the BBC. I first bought the first season and I like the stories, sort of combination of Star Trek and the Twilight Zone (more Star Trek than twilight zone).
The first season stars a different Doctor, who was okay. But season 2, with David Tennant (oh my!) got me hooked more, not because he's a better actor, but because he's oh so cuter than the actor he replaced. He's not the drop-dead gorgeous guy nor one who takes my breath away, but yes, he's oh so cute. Add to that the quirky nature of his character and any girl or guy will surely fall for him.
He's also an actor at the Royal Shakespeare Company and has been voted the most famous Dr. Who of all time (counting the previous doctors in the 1963-1989 series).
Now about the show, it's about the Doctor, the only surviving time-lord who travels in a police phone booth looking space ship, the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension(s) in Space). He's got company. Together, they go through time and space and battle monsters (well, aliens) and correct wrongs. Each episode is usually one story but some stories span several episodes.
I'm looking forward to watching Dr. Who again tonight. Have to go home early.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Morality in the US Elections

The November 4, 2008 US election is not just an election to vote for the next president, senator, congressman and others. It is also an election to vote on certain ballot measures to confirm or reject certain legislations that have an impact on people's lives or decisions.

What's notable in this election are the moral issues involved in these ballot measures.

  • The state of Washington has voted YES to allow doctor assisted suicide for people diagnosed of having less than 6 months to live.
  • Michigan voted YES to allow stem cell research under some guidelines.
  • Michigan also voted YES to allow medical use of marijuana.
  • Maryland voted YES to allow video lottery.
  • The states of Colorado and Nebraska voted YES to end affirmative action (legislations designed to help minorities get help on finding jobs, etc.)
  • Colorado voted NO on legislations that define as the beginning of life (mainly from the moment the egg and sperm cells meet and fertilize)
  • South Dakota and California voted NO on abortion limits. The vote in California is about whether a doctor should notify the parents of a minor who is seeking abortion. The vote in South Dakota restricts abortion to certain cases only (when the mother's life or health is at risk, in cases of rape and for incest where pregnancy is less than 20 weeks).

These measures may prove that the US is liberal and is in the path towards equality for all. However, this is not the case when it comes to gay rights. The states of Arizona, Florida and California has put a ban on gay marriage. (California, one of the most liberal states has ban gay marriage!). Arkansas, on the other hand, put a ban on unmarried couples (including gay couples) from adopting children or being foster parents to children.

This is contradiction of morality. It's ok to kill unborn babies but not to allow two people the benefits of marriage. It is allowed to have doctor assist patients in killing themselves, but not for couples to adopt and provide for a homeless or parentless child.

The election of an African-American in the White House is an indication that the US is moving towards equality for all. But it's still a path. As far as the LGBT is concerned, the US is not there yet.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Diego Bunuel

Diego Bunuel is the host of a show in National Geographic Channel's Don't Tell My Mother. It's a travel show to some of the world's least accessible places.

I learned that he is the grandson of the legendary spanish director Luis Bunuel.

I think he's cute. Not too cute or handsome but handsome enough to be noticed.

I saw just one episode where he went to North Korea under the guise of being a tourist. He documents the way of life in the last truly socialist country on earth.

He interviews the people and how the North Koreans hate Americans, yet sell American products in the supermarket (which it seems is reserved only for the few who have money).

One of the most unbelievable part of the program was when he asked his guide about the North Korean's view on homosexuality. The older guide said that there is no such thing on NK and it is illegal. The younger guide is baffled - he doesn't know what homosexuality is. And when Diego explained it to him, his face is one of disbelief. Whew!

Angel of Mine

I chanced upon this picture while browsing through some blog.

I don't normally grab pictures and post them in my blog, but he is so cute.

If he is my angel, I just wish he'd take the fall and become human so he could be with me.

Imagine waking up everyday to him.

He's handsome/cute in a boyish kind of way. I've always liked brown to blond (but not too blond hair), especially it's curly or wavy.

Angel of Mine.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In the News

Yesterday and today, I saw in yahoo news that Clay Aiken "came out of the closet". On News on Q, it's the same news.

Come on, it's like Lance Bass coming out.

People, and i mean hordes or people, already knew.

* * * * *

Also in the news, two senators (Jamby Madrigal and Ping Lacson) were saying that Villar should resign his post as Senate President. Nothing surprising in that, since election time is near and Villar is one of the strong contenders for presidency.

What struck me the most was Miriam's statements. She said that the administration bloc is not supporting the ouster of Villar since its members are satisfied with their committee membership, and that you can only foment discontent if the members are not satisfied with their committee membership.

I always knew that Miriam is an intelligent lawmaker but my admiration for her grows with this statements. She understands politics and she's very candid with her observations, even saying them in national television.

Shoe Guy

In the hit TV series Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw has an online alias of "shoegal" since she loves shoes so much. At one point, her friend Miranda calculated that over the years, she spend approximately $40,000 on shoes.
I don't spend that much on shoes since my disposable income (though slightly higher than some) does not allow me to buy Manolos (or its equivalent, if any, in men's shoes).

But yes I still do buy shoes every once in a while. Everytime I go to the malls, I instinctively go to shoe stores but just the normal and reasonably priced ones. I still can't bring myself to buy a P7,200 boots from Alberto's even though I just love how it looks.

I graduated from buying shoes worth P500 or less. (In college, I bought this rubber sneakers which costs P300. I wore that shoes for more than 5 years and would have continued wearing them had my mother not given it away).

From buying P500 or less shoes, I went to buying P1,000 or less (the types you can buy in SM). Then an acquiantance told me about this shoe store WADE and I immediately levelled up to P2,500 or less. Then when strolling in Rockwell, I found this shoe store ALDO which sells really nice and fashionable shoes for P3000 to P5000. I was itching to buy the P3,200 shoes (on sale) but the available sizes were too small.

An officemate told me how he bought shoes in PEDRO'S (an affiliate of Bench). I went there once, loved the shoes, bought one for P3,000++. I would have bought more but my conscience kicked in.

Right now, I own about 18 pair of shoes.

Girbaud. Bought them on sale. I wear them when I feel like wearing shoes on Saturday instead of sandals. Leaveland. Looks a little big. But these shoes have served their purpose. This is one of my "safe" office shoes that I wear quite often when I can't think of which shoe goes well with which pants.
Pedro's. I thought this was made of snakeskin and ostrich leather. The salesman said this is made of cow leather.
Bench. I like. (the color combination)
FILA. I'm not a great fan of shoes that markets itself as sporty (I'm not sporty and am not a sports fan) but when I saw this brown shoe on sale, I bought it.
Wade. I just love brown shoes.
W. Brown. Bought on sale in SM. I wanted to buy an ox-blood colored shoe (this is not really ox-blood but the color is close) at the time to wear with my black pants.
Wade. I shoe that I wanted to buy before in Mall of Asia. However it seems a little expensive for me at the time. A few months or week later, I went to Trinoma and found it on sale 20% off. I had to buy it. Maritalia, an affiliate of Rusty Lopez. I liked how it looks like the woodgrain design.
Leaveland. Design is a little different from most. I am looking for different looking shoes. The sales lady told me that I'm their first customer to buy this.
Leaveland. A little too big for my feet.

I still haven't taken pictures of my other shoes.

"Jewellery" Box

This is a "jewellery box" that I bought in Baguio (Mines View, in particular).

And yes, the " " are necessary since right now, it doesn't hold anything of real financial value.

Its current contents are:

- "Silver" cufflinks (yes the " " are also necessary). I think this costs P399 or P499.
- A wrist watch from Unisilver (this at least has sentimental value since this is a gift)
- A wrist watch which came free from buying Chivas Regal in Duty Free
- A wrist watch that I bought from SM and costs P399.
- 2 neck wear (not really a necklace). These have black sort-of rubber string with metal pendants. Both costs less than P200 each.
- 4 neck wear that I bought in Baguio - all with black threads and cross pendants, in different designs, made of kamagong wood (or that's what the seller told me). I don't remember how much each costs but they're somewhere in 3 for P100 or 4 for P100.

Sometimes I also put there silver necklace (also has sentimental value since this is a special gift) but that doesn't happen since I'm always wearing it.

I was hoping that someday, someway, someone would give me something (a real jewellery, or an expensive watch) so that my "jewellery box" can transform into a Jewellery Box.

Picture of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This is a picture that I don't remember taking.

I really don't know what or who I was taking a picture of.

Anyway, looking at it, I think it looks like a male sex organ.
I think so.

I showed it to someone and he also thinks so.

And I did not even told him what I thought it looks like.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Some pictures I took in and going home from Baguio.

On the SCTEX on going home. I took several pictures of the road and the clouds. The cloud in this picture I imagine to be a rabbit.

They say that a camera adds ten pounds to a persons looks. It seems that taking a picture of your shadow with a camera adds another 10 pounds. Or maybe I just gained weight.

This is near Wright Park where you can ride horses. Some are white with pink mane. Made me think of the little girls (in the US) who want to have pink ponies. I don't think little girls here in the Philippines ask for pink ponies.

This street near Burnham Park reminded me of the Academic Oval in UP (the side near the College of Engineering).


When we were in La Union for work, I chanced upon a butterfly (or is it a moth) clinging still to the wall of the hotel-resort where we were staying. I took a picture of the insect but didn't get much time to appreciate its beauty.

On looking at the picture, I finally appreciated its beauty.

* * * * *
Butterflies have been used in gay pride parades and other gay-celebrations. I think a butterfly is one of the symbols of the LGBT community.
Now I know that the rainbow represents the whole spectrum of gender and sexuality but I'm not sure of the symbolism for the butterfly.
Maybe it's a symbol for the metamorphosis that one goes from being a straight-acting person during the day to a different person at night. Or maybe it's a symbol for the coming out of the closet, like a butterfly leaving its cocoon to spread its wings.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Always Be My Baby

Here is a very simple blog that I found rather funny:

* * * * * * * * * *
Always Be My Baby

... by david cook has been unoffically made the theme song for those so-called closeted queers who wish to present themselves as straight and masculine but still retaining the diva-ness of the song, singing in a baritone or on a low tone (hell i don't sing professionally so i use the words freely), straight up with ladies swooning over the sexiness of the voice but the perfomer with his eyes closed imagining himself swinging on a rubber tire tied up to a branch of a tree hanging over the river, just like in the video.

* * * * * * * * * *

When I first heard the song on American Idol, I didn't like it. It was so simple and I thought that David Cook's rendition was a little to flat. But as the song gets played over and over again on the radio, in my officemates' laptops, etc., I am liking it more on more. It grows on me, as I'm sure it does too in other people.

And when I think of the song "Always Be My Baby", Mariah's vocal sighing (or as some people say, "puro halinghing") no longer comes to mind.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Look How Far I've Gone

When I first came to Manila to study college, I was a naive skinny guy. I was 5'7.5 or so and weighed less than a 110 pounds (with clothes on!). My idea of eating out is eating in Jollibee or McDonalds and watching movies in theaters is a rare treat.

I had a little difficulty in adjusting to the faster pace of life in the city. I had what they called culture shock. Still a loner during my freshman year, I feel conscious when walking along the aisles and halls of UP, thinking everybody is looking at me. I was geniunely shocked to have seen two gays kissed in front of me (well, more of life lips to lips smack which I guess was their beso beso).

I almost cried studying for Math 17. Having learned nothing more than elementary algebra in high school (the pace of my studies in high school was really dragged down by my slower learning or preferring-to-do-other-things-than-study classmates).

I almost dropped out of ROTC and my knees shook every Monday (and sometimes Wednesday) that I have to go to UP to attend the ROTC trainings.

I had very little money back then. Generally living on a monthly allowance of less than P1,500 (including budget for transportation, meals and school projects). I survived on coffee in the morning, coffee or some other drink and perhaps some snacks for the whole day, and a heavy dinner. No wonder I weighed so little.

During free time, I roamed the dusty heart of Quezon City (Cubao) and was a regular visitor at Booksale stores in Cubao.

My clothes back then comprise mainly of t-shirts, checkered and plaid-ish polos and jeans.
I bought the shirt and jeans in Melvin's or its affiliate stores 'cause that's where they were cheap. I used a shirt that my sister-in-law gave to me back in high school for more than 8 years and would have used it longer had my mother not taken it. I felt really really good on being able to buy the P325 paid of walking shoes that was really comfortable.

I splurged on a double cassette recording of Les Miserables, which cost me about P250.

Life was not then easy then but I survived.

* * * * *

It's been almost ten years since then.

I am now weighing about 160 pounds.

I generally don't like eating in Jollibee, McDonalds or other fastfood stores. My idea of eating out is at Italianni's or Fish & Co. or some other restaurants in the Greenbelt area.

I can watch movies in theathers whenever I want.

I have adjusted to the fast pace of city life and cannot bear of the thought of living again in the province. Walking wherever, whenever no longer gives me the creeps. Guys kissing no longer shocks me. Been there, done that. In fact, I think very few things now can shock me.

I have forgotten most of algebra and trigonometry and calculus is now like the walking shoe I so dearly loved - probably unusable and discarded.

I am now earning more than the average person my age earns. Hell, I am earning more than the average person twice my age earns. Food is no longer a preoccupation and I can eat whereever I want, whenever I want.

I find it icky and jologs going to Cubao and my favorite haunts is now Glorietta and Greenbelt.

Now, I have a closetful full of clothes. Some of which I have never even worn. There was a time just last year when I did shoe-shopping on a weekly basis since I was bored. Just last month, I bought three pair of shoes from the mall.

Cassette tapes are no longer in and I regularly buy DVDs for my collection. Spending about a thousand bucks for DVDs in one week is no longer a treat.

Life is in many ways easier now but I'm still not completely satisfied.

* * * * *

Life was simpler then.
Life is more complicated now.

I couldn't buy things then.
Now, I want to buy things I can't afford.

There were times when I was really depressed then.
These times still come now.

Some things change.
Some things . . . well, they're just reincarnate themselves in a more complicated guise.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sort of New Developments and Other Rantings

It's been quite sometime since last time I blogged. There have been some new developments and some not so new developments.

* * * * *

I wrote in my blog on sex and the city how I was like the girls of Manhattan: looking for a job, looking for an apartment and looking for a boyfriend (hihihi).

Ok. I have found an apartment and been living there for more than 2 months, found a new job and am starting on April 16, and I have a sort of someone whom I am seeing every now and then. Not really the ideal apartment, job or bf but these will do for now.

* * * * *

I went to Kitchen last night and ate there. . . after a long time. Feels like it was ages since I last had a meal there.

Then I went to Powerbooks to look at some books. Also feels like ages since I was there. I found a bought, Film: A Critical Approach, or something like that. And it cost P2,459, quite expensive. But I went on and bought it. It's been quite sometime since I splurged on something.

It was an informative book. And contained a lot of what I wanted to know. For instance, there is a section detailing the four general writing on films: scene analysis - which analyzes a particular scene of a movie in relation to the whole movie and its theme, film analysis - which analyzes the scenes and details of the movie in relation to its theme, research paper - which is the most tedious type of film paper to write, and the movie review - the type for general audiences, much like the film review of Jessica Zafra and Roger Ebert.

* * * * *

ABS - CBN is re-airing Marina - that fantaserye starring Claudine Barreto as the mermaid. Hmmm, an obvious move to undermine the Dyesebel fantaserye that will star Marian Rivera. Tsk tsk tsk!

* * * * *

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw once said that New York women (particularly in Manhattan) are always looking for something.

Looking for an apartment.

Looking for a job.

Looking for a boyfriend.

At the time that I watched it, I couldn't relate. Having a good and fun job and a nice apartment at that time. And not really caring to have a boyfriend. Hihihi.

But now I feel like I am living in Carrie's Manhattan, which for my sake I will call my MANhattan.

I am looking for an apartment.

I am looking for a new job.

And possibly looking for a boy-friend. Or just simply boyfriend. Hihihi.

Oh, Carrie Bradshaw, with your US$400,000 collection of designer shoes, fashionable clothes with large flowers. I never thought I'd be able to relate to what you were saying.

And now that I can, where are you? Your show ended with a bang. Unmindful of the fact that sometime in the future after your show has ended, I can finally relate to your endless prattles and blah-blah on life, relationships and sex in the city.

Unfinished Blogs

Today, I clicked the 'edit posts' tab in this website and noted that I have so many unfinished blogs.

I start an idea, some of which are good, while others are mediocre. But somehow I can't sustain the effort to finish what I started.

It's like Richard Brown in The Hours saying that he is a failure as a writer because he has some good ideas, things that he wants to write, but somehow, it all ends up so much less.

Maybe I'll just follow what Lea Salonga sings about - Finish What You ............

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On Buying Clothes

Last Saturday, I went to Makati Cinema Square with a friend to buy some DVDs. When we were there, we went to Plaza Fair's department store to look at clothes and shoes.

When looking at the clothes and shirts, my mind immediately assumes that my size is medium. I have forgotten that about the time the Philippines transitioned to Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS) from the old generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), i myself have transitioned from being size medium to size large. Like most Philippine companies finding it difficult to accept that the simple GAAP has now become complicated, I found it hard and still finds it hard to accept that the medium shirt I used to buy are, in most cases, no longer acceptable. Wearing them makes me look like a suman wrapped in coconut leaves and bulging in the wrong places. I stick out from the crowd in the same way that an FS today prepared using the old GAAP will be looked at in a not-so-favorable way.

And for me, wearing large sized shirts has somehow become a standard, not just generally accepted, except in certain cases.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Man and the Sea

In a village somewhere near the jungle, there lived a group of people who work away from their homes. Some of them work in or near the the sea as fishermen while the others spend practically all of their time in the desert and jungle. At one time during this gathering, the village elders summoned all village people of age to teach them an important lesson that they will have to learn in order to survive life. In this gathering, the village elders taught the people the basic mechanics of and the problems that may be encountered when swimming.

The fishermen nodded in understanding and asked questions on what the elders taught. Some too eagerly. The other half, who spend their days working their whole lives in the desert and the jungle, can barely comprehend what the elders were saying. Some were able to understand the basic mechanics of swimming - that you need to move your arms and legs in order to float and that you need to breath once in while. Others, lacking the experience (some of them haven't even seen what the sea looks like), were at a total loss.

One of the non-fisherman people, Aethel, is planning to move to a different village to become a fisherman and is trying as hard as he could to understand what the hell the village elders were talking about. He is not sure whether his plans will come to fruition but just in case, just in case it comes true, he will need to learn all that he could about swimming. At the start of his working life, he wanted to be a fisherman. But the village elders, in all their knowledge or folly, assigned him the task of planting crops, hunting, gathering and all the other odd work that the elders decide from time to time, including an assignment to build a boat for the fishermen. In short, he became the jack of most trades but the master of nothing.

At the end of the village gathering, the non-fishermen folks went to their homes, shaking their heads in confusion. For most of them, this gathering has just been a waste of time. They learned nothing that they could use in their daily work and home life. It doesn't matter. They will soon forget that this gathering ever happened. The next day, they would resume their work as they have always done for most of their lives.

However, for Aethel, this gathering is a lost opportunity for learning. Try as he could to learn, he has had no experience to fully comprehend and learn the knowledge that the village elders imparted. He went home, sighed, and hoped that when the time comes, he can apply to working in the sea what he learned from his years of working the land.


Another Saturday morning and I have to attend a training on derivatives and embedded derivatives. Not that I don't know anything about these things, I once worked on an engagement where we supposedly identified embedded derivatives from the client's purchase and other contracts.

But when I got to the training, I could not comprehend what the partner and the manager was saying. Majority of the topics discussed relates to derivatives and embedded derivatives applicable to banks and financial institutions. Sure I was able to learn some of the basic concepts. But, having no experience in banking, I failed to see or appreciate this nor can I see the benefits of these knowledge in my immediate future.

When I entered auditing, I wanted to be assigned to the banking group but I was assigned to the manufacturing, real estate, construction, retailing, and others group. Not that I didn't enjoy working in this industries, but I feel that I just haven't mastered any industry at all.

And now I am planning to work abroard, where most of the jobs available are in the line of banks and financial institutions. Tsk tsk tsk. Poor me. Maybe I'll just learn auditing financial institutions when I get there. After all, I'm a fast learner and fast worker (or so some of my managers believe).


The training is over. Nothing has changed. Nothing new mastered.

I am sitting here in our office typing this blog.

Looking back on the good times.

Being depressed on the present.

Hoping for the best in the future.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Not so Happy New Year

Another year. Another suitcase in another hall.

Well, not really. It's another year but I'm not yet in another hall (or workplace, that is).

I'm still slaving away here in my old old old work. Doing the same thing. Or supposed to be doing the same things (plus a little bit more) but not finding the drive or willingness to do these same things.

I need to have change in my life. It's time for a cool change. I know that it's time for a cool change.

New year. But nothing much is new with my life.


Last December 30, our whole family (plus some) went to Manila from our hometown. My brother, father, mother, nephew and I riding in my brother's new car (which, hopefully will become mine when he leaves) and my sister, sister-in-law, two nephews, niece, my sister-in-law's brother and sister, their house helper and my cousin's granddaughter riding in the Fortuner.

The Fortuner (which my sister drove) swerved in the highway twice and hit a roadside metal fence. My sister-in-law was rattled. But no harm done, except for damage on the front (near the bumper) in the passenger seat side and the door to the passenger side was blocked and cannot be opened.

We spent the new year in Luneta (near the grandstand) waiting for the grand fireworks which never came.

I went home after the celebration to my apartment in Makati.

On New Year's Day, I went to Quiapo to buy some DVDs but most of the stores were closed. I did, however, manage to buy some DVD boxes.

I no longer joined my family on their trip to Mall of Asia.

My father and mother went to my apartment after the malling and brought me some not-so-good food from the grille where they ate.

Upon entering the door, my mother said that the Fortuner had an accident again. This time hitting (or being hit) an owner-type jeepney. The damage, they say, is on the front of the driver's side. The Fortuner now has damage and scratches on the left and right front sides.


I almost didn't go to work since I didn't want to see my managers. I still have a lot of backlogs to do.

Despite all misgivings, I did manage to go to work. And what do you know? They're still on vacation leave.

I managed to get some work done.


So far that is how my new year goes.

To all those who are having a better start for the year:

Have a happy and prosperous new year!

To people like me whose start of the year could get better:

Let's accept what's happening and hope that the year turns out for the better.