Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sort of New Developments and Other Rantings

It's been quite sometime since last time I blogged. There have been some new developments and some not so new developments.

* * * * *

I wrote in my blog on sex and the city how I was like the girls of Manhattan: looking for a job, looking for an apartment and looking for a boyfriend (hihihi).

Ok. I have found an apartment and been living there for more than 2 months, found a new job and am starting on April 16, and I have a sort of someone whom I am seeing every now and then. Not really the ideal apartment, job or bf but these will do for now.

* * * * *

I went to Kitchen last night and ate there. . . after a long time. Feels like it was ages since I last had a meal there.

Then I went to Powerbooks to look at some books. Also feels like ages since I was there. I found a bought, Film: A Critical Approach, or something like that. And it cost P2,459, quite expensive. But I went on and bought it. It's been quite sometime since I splurged on something.

It was an informative book. And contained a lot of what I wanted to know. For instance, there is a section detailing the four general writing on films: scene analysis - which analyzes a particular scene of a movie in relation to the whole movie and its theme, film analysis - which analyzes the scenes and details of the movie in relation to its theme, research paper - which is the most tedious type of film paper to write, and the movie review - the type for general audiences, much like the film review of Jessica Zafra and Roger Ebert.

* * * * *

ABS - CBN is re-airing Marina - that fantaserye starring Claudine Barreto as the mermaid. Hmmm, an obvious move to undermine the Dyesebel fantaserye that will star Marian Rivera. Tsk tsk tsk!

* * * * *

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