Sunday, July 26, 2009

The End

Saturday and yesterday, I watched season 8 of Will and Grace, up to the final episode. Somehow, I feel sad:

- First, I always feel sad when a TV series (especially a sitcom) that I am watching ends. I got the same feeling of sadness when I watched the series finale of Friends. This may sound cheesy, but it feels like I am losing a friend. And no matter how many times you watch the previous episodes, I know that things have to end.
- At the end of Will and Grace, Will found a partner in Vince (the cop) and they have a son, Grace remarried Leo and have a daughter, their children married, Jack inherited money and lived rich with Karen (and Rosario). Everybody found their "life partners" and they seem happy. I have a partner but I am not sure if it is for life, my parents do not know (or it is not out in the open) and I don't have a kid. Maybe I just need to get a dog.

Friday, July 24, 2009

My 104th Post

This is my 104th post. I missed congratulating myself on having my 100th post (like missing the opportunity to congratulate its first and second years). Though there's nothing to congratulate myself about. Just 100++ postings of incoherent thoughts.

I have just one follower. A friend. No one else bothers to follow. Though I'm thankful to some people who have put a link to my blog in their blog.

Seems like my most popular blog is about Diego Bunuel. Through the widget I put, I can see where the people who visited my blogs are from and what specific blog entry they have been reading. In almost all areas that I zoom to, it's Diego Bunuel. Probably because there is considerably little said or blogged about him in the internet that my mediocre blog pops up near the top in google search for this hunk.

Here's to my 104th blog, and to many more incoherent ramblings. I hope that I can have focus on writing blogs (without sacrificing my already diminishin focus at work). And have more and better things and experiences to write about.

PS: After publishing this post, I realized that I have not published more than 90 entries. The 100++ post indicated in my blogger dashboard refers to all blog entries I made, some of which are still unpublished.

Anyway, here's to my 104th suck-y post!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Faux Designer Bags

Last Sunday night, National Geographic TV had a special on fake designer goods.

I guess the show is being promoted to discourage people from buying fake designer goods. As a viewer and a consumer myself, I don't find the arguments convincing.

There is one guy who says that fake designer goods travel through illicit channels that may also distribute more dangerous goods (e.g., illegal or fake drugs, firearms). The show is presented in the same way, after presenting the fake designer goods trade, the show then presents the trade of fake drugs, mentions drug dealers, firearms dealer. . . as if to rub off in the viewers mind that the fake handbags, watches, shirt, etc. are related and as dangerous as heroid, fake Viagras, armalite rifles.

Fake drugs (and other items ingested by people) can kill, firearms can kill, heroin and illegal drugs destroy lives but buying a fake designer bag will not destroy somebody's life. Sure, Mr. Ralph Lauren may have to postpone buying a helicopter.

The show's most convincing argument (at least to me) is that the distribution of fake goods result in bribery (in customs or the police or politicians). But then, when I think that the people working in the Philippine custom will require some form of remuneration whether the good you are importing is legal or not, that argument breaks down.

I don't buy fake designer goods for the sake of having a bag or watch that other will think is high-end (which I would know is fake). I would rather prefer unbranded goods with good quality or design.

I read in an online article that the trade of fake goods actually benefit fashion, in the sense that the people who buy designer goods buy these goods because they are unique. And when these goods are already being faked, the designer is forced to create new designs to satisfy the customers.

I don't encourage people buying fake goods. I just don't like the way that it is being compared to illegal drugs and firearms.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Rape of Psyche

In olden times, rape doesn't mean sexual harassment, sexual harassment maybe the result of the "rape" thus, the word acquired its current meaning.

I found this wonderful painting in the Art Renewal Center website. The painting is called "La Ravissement de Psyche"

I then found this in SM:

Monday, July 6, 2009


I am now collecting art.

The first painting that I bought is one made by "James" and is an abstract representation of the Holy Family in jewel tones.

During our anniversary, I asked the BF to give me a painting instead (he asked that I give him a watch from Greenhills).

When it comes to sculpture, I like classical sculpture (reproduction of famous pieces) but when it comes to paintings, I like modern/abstract ones. It's not that I dislike classical and realistic paintings. I just don't like classical or realistic paintings done poorly. With abstract art, a slightly disproportionate head will not matter but it will be grotesque sight on a realistic painting.


Yesterday, I went to the "Second Hand Antique Shop" (sort of redundant) in Kamuning Road to buy some reproduction sculpture. I was planning on buying a small sculpture (about a food in height) of two naked bearded men wrestling. One man is holding the other's penis. I saw this sculpture the last time I went there but thought that at P3,000, it is expensive. I was willing to buy it yesterday at that price (or a few hundred less) but it was already sold (though still in display).

I had to settle to buying a reproduction of Michaelangelo's David's bust for P1,400.

Though I think the price is still a bit high, I bought it.

The BF said it looks good.

I am on the hunt for reproduction for classical sculptures (mostly male nudes or semi-nudes). I already have Auguste Rodin's The Thinker. Can't seem to find where to buy these. Antique shops is one but majority of the sculptures in antique shops are either statue of saints, statue of Buddha or statue of women/children painted gold. I want classical statues in marble (or marble finish), stone (or stone finish) or at least silver.

I looked in the internet and found a site ( that sells a lot of reproduction sculptures. The prices are reasonable but it is based in the US and the freight and custom charges may more than double the landed cost. Then there's a factory in Bacolor, Pampanga that manufactures statues made of plastic resin but they are an exporter and sells in bulk.

Probably, I'll have to scour antique shops this weekend.