Sunday, July 26, 2009

The End

Saturday and yesterday, I watched season 8 of Will and Grace, up to the final episode. Somehow, I feel sad:

- First, I always feel sad when a TV series (especially a sitcom) that I am watching ends. I got the same feeling of sadness when I watched the series finale of Friends. This may sound cheesy, but it feels like I am losing a friend. And no matter how many times you watch the previous episodes, I know that things have to end.
- At the end of Will and Grace, Will found a partner in Vince (the cop) and they have a son, Grace remarried Leo and have a daughter, their children married, Jack inherited money and lived rich with Karen (and Rosario). Everybody found their "life partners" and they seem happy. I have a partner but I am not sure if it is for life, my parents do not know (or it is not out in the open) and I don't have a kid. Maybe I just need to get a dog.

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