Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Faux Designer Bags

Last Sunday night, National Geographic TV had a special on fake designer goods.

I guess the show is being promoted to discourage people from buying fake designer goods. As a viewer and a consumer myself, I don't find the arguments convincing.

There is one guy who says that fake designer goods travel through illicit channels that may also distribute more dangerous goods (e.g., illegal or fake drugs, firearms). The show is presented in the same way, after presenting the fake designer goods trade, the show then presents the trade of fake drugs, mentions drug dealers, firearms dealer. . . as if to rub off in the viewers mind that the fake handbags, watches, shirt, etc. are related and as dangerous as heroid, fake Viagras, armalite rifles.

Fake drugs (and other items ingested by people) can kill, firearms can kill, heroin and illegal drugs destroy lives but buying a fake designer bag will not destroy somebody's life. Sure, Mr. Ralph Lauren may have to postpone buying a helicopter.

The show's most convincing argument (at least to me) is that the distribution of fake goods result in bribery (in customs or the police or politicians). But then, when I think that the people working in the Philippine custom will require some form of remuneration whether the good you are importing is legal or not, that argument breaks down.

I don't buy fake designer goods for the sake of having a bag or watch that other will think is high-end (which I would know is fake). I would rather prefer unbranded goods with good quality or design.

I read in an online article that the trade of fake goods actually benefit fashion, in the sense that the people who buy designer goods buy these goods because they are unique. And when these goods are already being faked, the designer is forced to create new designs to satisfy the customers.

I don't encourage people buying fake goods. I just don't like the way that it is being compared to illegal drugs and firearms.

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Anonymous said...

Ralph Lauren buying a helicopter... cute reference to a FRIENDS episode!