Friday, July 24, 2009

My 104th Post

This is my 104th post. I missed congratulating myself on having my 100th post (like missing the opportunity to congratulate its first and second years). Though there's nothing to congratulate myself about. Just 100++ postings of incoherent thoughts.

I have just one follower. A friend. No one else bothers to follow. Though I'm thankful to some people who have put a link to my blog in their blog.

Seems like my most popular blog is about Diego Bunuel. Through the widget I put, I can see where the people who visited my blogs are from and what specific blog entry they have been reading. In almost all areas that I zoom to, it's Diego Bunuel. Probably because there is considerably little said or blogged about him in the internet that my mediocre blog pops up near the top in google search for this hunk.

Here's to my 104th blog, and to many more incoherent ramblings. I hope that I can have focus on writing blogs (without sacrificing my already diminishin focus at work). And have more and better things and experiences to write about.

PS: After publishing this post, I realized that I have not published more than 90 entries. The 100++ post indicated in my blogger dashboard refers to all blog entries I made, some of which are still unpublished.

Anyway, here's to my 104th suck-y post!

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