Monday, July 6, 2009


Yesterday, I went to the "Second Hand Antique Shop" (sort of redundant) in Kamuning Road to buy some reproduction sculpture. I was planning on buying a small sculpture (about a food in height) of two naked bearded men wrestling. One man is holding the other's penis. I saw this sculpture the last time I went there but thought that at P3,000, it is expensive. I was willing to buy it yesterday at that price (or a few hundred less) but it was already sold (though still in display).

I had to settle to buying a reproduction of Michaelangelo's David's bust for P1,400.

Though I think the price is still a bit high, I bought it.

The BF said it looks good.

I am on the hunt for reproduction for classical sculptures (mostly male nudes or semi-nudes). I already have Auguste Rodin's The Thinker. Can't seem to find where to buy these. Antique shops is one but majority of the sculptures in antique shops are either statue of saints, statue of Buddha or statue of women/children painted gold. I want classical statues in marble (or marble finish), stone (or stone finish) or at least silver.

I looked in the internet and found a site ( that sells a lot of reproduction sculptures. The prices are reasonable but it is based in the US and the freight and custom charges may more than double the landed cost. Then there's a factory in Bacolor, Pampanga that manufactures statues made of plastic resin but they are an exporter and sells in bulk.

Probably, I'll have to scour antique shops this weekend.

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francis said...

dapat bust ni Antinous binili mo. hehe. He's hotter.