Monday, June 22, 2009

My Blue Jeans

Back in high school (third year), I remember I don't have a pair of jeans at the start of the school year. My wardrobe consists of school uniform, some t-shirts which I wore for out-of-school functions (very few I must say) and some old clothes for home.

When I joined the COLT (Cadet Officer Leadership Training), we were required to go to school every Saturday wearing jeans and white t-shirt. Because I had none, my sister-in-law gave me a pair that belonged to her brother. It is an acid-wash 80s-style jeans (high-waisted that tapers near the bottom). Every Saturday for a few months, I would wear that pair of jeans (and only that since it was my only pair). I was eventually taken out of the program (only 18 or so went on to finish the COLT program and become commissioned officers, the rest of us became NCOs). I don't remember what happened to that pair of jeans. I don't particularly miss it as memories attached to it were not really dear to me (I don't particularly like military and other authoritarian systems. Possibly, it is because my older brother was Corps Commander and my sister was a Company Leader that I joined the training program in the first place).

Today, acid-wash jeans, high-waisted and tapered jeans are soooo out-of-style. I now have several pairs of dark denims (with regular waist and straight-cut or boot-cut). Still that pair of jeans, no matter how many I have will always be memorable (not dearly remembered but remembered none the less). May it rest in peace (whereever it may be and for whatever purpose it is being used right now).

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