Monday, June 8, 2009

The "Hottest" Royals

Velvet channel featured a show called on hottest royals today.

Of course, Prince Harry and Prince William are at the top but they're sooo exposed that I lost interest in them.

Among the list are Prince Andrea of Monaco (who I think is HOT). His family is worth more than the Royal Family of UK ($1.2 billion compared to $600 million of the English royal family).

Then there's this prince of Sweden (I forgot the name). Who looks good in some pictures, not in others.

Then there's Prince Azim of Brunei. He hosted a lavish birthday party in London (inviting celebrities and models), he gave a jewellery costing almost $4 million dollar to Mariah Carey, he designs luggage. These, with the way he looks, got my gaydar sounding off. It's ironic that he is called a "playboy prince". Hmmmm.

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