Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dr. Who

I'm hooked on another series right now. After watching the full ten seasons of "Friends" and watching them again and again, I think I've finally moved on to other series.
Right now it's Dr. Who, a series produced by the BBC. I first bought the first season and I like the stories, sort of combination of Star Trek and the Twilight Zone (more Star Trek than twilight zone).
The first season stars a different Doctor, who was okay. But season 2, with David Tennant (oh my!) got me hooked more, not because he's a better actor, but because he's oh so cuter than the actor he replaced. He's not the drop-dead gorgeous guy nor one who takes my breath away, but yes, he's oh so cute. Add to that the quirky nature of his character and any girl or guy will surely fall for him.
He's also an actor at the Royal Shakespeare Company and has been voted the most famous Dr. Who of all time (counting the previous doctors in the 1963-1989 series).
Now about the show, it's about the Doctor, the only surviving time-lord who travels in a police phone booth looking space ship, the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension(s) in Space). He's got company. Together, they go through time and space and battle monsters (well, aliens) and correct wrongs. Each episode is usually one story but some stories span several episodes.
I'm looking forward to watching Dr. Who again tonight. Have to go home early.

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