Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something to Think About

This week, I watched The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I don't normally watch this show but I had the channel on Maxxx since I was waiting for the The Colbert Report (pronounced the Colber Repor).

On that particular episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart had Mike Huckabee (the Republican who ran against John McCain in the Republican primaries). The discussion is about Huckabee's book and somehow it went on to gay rights, particularly on the the right to marry.

Being a Republican, Huckabee is a conservative (liberal Republican is somewhat an oxymoron) and opposes gay marriage, while Jon Stewart, being a New Yorker in show business is pro-gay marriage.

One point raised by Jon Stewart that really retained in my memory. He said that religion is more a choice than homosexuality is, and religious freedom and rights are given more protection by the US government (and most of the world) than gay rights.

This is quite true since people in the free world has the right to choose their religious belief, but sexuality, is more difficult to choose. Some are born with genetic predisposition to be gay, lesbian or bisexual.


HappyB said...


And I wonder when will most people realize that homosexuality (considered as an abberation) is part of the natural order, just as much as mutation plays an important role in genetic evolution.

Do I make sense?

noble and famous king said...

Yes you make sense.

Homosexuality is not limited to humans. Even penguins and dogs gets curious of the same sex once in a while. I've seen two male dogs humping each other alternately. A flip-flop!

wanderingcommuter said...

to quote the movie train spotting, i believe that heterosexuality is by default.

and just like any other things in default we still have the options to reconfigure it. besides, its our life anyway.

Mr. Scheez said...

No one asked me, during conception and before I was born, if I wanted to be gay. Hehehe =)

Pero may point siya, ha? =)

Salamat sa pagvisit sa blog ko =)