Sunday, January 11, 2009

Disaster/ Superhero/ Epic/ Date/ Scary Movie

Yesterday, I went to Makati Cinema Square to buy some DVDs. One of the DVDs I bought is Disaster Movie - from the makers of Scary Movie, Date Movie and Superhero Movie.

Scary Movie 1 has some good laughs. Majority of the jokes are actually and intrinsically funny. Scary Movie 2 is bad. The first part of Scary Movie 3 is ok, but when the President and aliens appear, it's all downhill. Scary Movie 4 has some good jokes but majority is so-so.

Then comes Date Movie. Which is so full of references to other movies and (American) pop culture that the references are supposed to be funny on their own. Similar case with Superhero Movie and now with Disaster Movie. These ___ Movies (except for Scary Movie) have all passed through the IMDB Bottom 100 in the first few weeks or months of release.

Watching the ____ Movies becomes a bore. But why do I still buy and watch them (on DVD). Probably on the hope that somewhere in the movie is a truly funny that will make me laugh or smile. I guess no matter how many bad ____ Movies the producers make, I'll still be watching them on DVD for some cheap laughs.

Tonight, I'll be watching The House Bunny. I don't have much expectations but I do love Anna Farris. I bought The Dark Knight but i made a resolve not to watch it till I get a widescreen LCD TV, at least to give it the proper viewing, which I missed by not watching it in the cinema. Classic, critically-acclaimed and foreign-language films have to wait their turns.

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