Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Kitchen and the Gay Guy

Last Friday I went to Landmark's third floor, where they sell kitchen and other home stuff. I went there to buy some glass bottles where I can put all my kitchen ingredients and materials, like white sugar, brown sugar, confectioner's sugar, etc.

I noticed that many of the people there are actually gay guys, going through the display racks and buying cooking materials. Of course, there are the straight gals and guys buying pots and pans, plates, etc. but most of them went there to buy something: they pick up what they went there to buy, pay and leave. Majority of those that linger are actually gay guys or straight gals - people who would buy souffle dish or cake serving plate because of the nice gloss and it will make serving cooked food look good, or the different types of kitchen glass containers to hold dry ingredients just because it will make the kitchen look good. Wait, that's me.

Oh well, I'm gay and I love watching cooking shows. Nevermind, that I don't know how to cook many recipes. What's important is that my kitchen will look fabulous.

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