Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shoe Guy

In the hit TV series Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw has an online alias of "shoegal" since she loves shoes so much. At one point, her friend Miranda calculated that over the years, she spend approximately $40,000 on shoes.
I don't spend that much on shoes since my disposable income (though slightly higher than some) does not allow me to buy Manolos (or its equivalent, if any, in men's shoes).

But yes I still do buy shoes every once in a while. Everytime I go to the malls, I instinctively go to shoe stores but just the normal and reasonably priced ones. I still can't bring myself to buy a P7,200 boots from Alberto's even though I just love how it looks.

I graduated from buying shoes worth P500 or less. (In college, I bought this rubber sneakers which costs P300. I wore that shoes for more than 5 years and would have continued wearing them had my mother not given it away).

From buying P500 or less shoes, I went to buying P1,000 or less (the types you can buy in SM). Then an acquiantance told me about this shoe store WADE and I immediately levelled up to P2,500 or less. Then when strolling in Rockwell, I found this shoe store ALDO which sells really nice and fashionable shoes for P3000 to P5000. I was itching to buy the P3,200 shoes (on sale) but the available sizes were too small.

An officemate told me how he bought shoes in PEDRO'S (an affiliate of Bench). I went there once, loved the shoes, bought one for P3,000++. I would have bought more but my conscience kicked in.

Right now, I own about 18 pair of shoes.

Girbaud. Bought them on sale. I wear them when I feel like wearing shoes on Saturday instead of sandals. Leaveland. Looks a little big. But these shoes have served their purpose. This is one of my "safe" office shoes that I wear quite often when I can't think of which shoe goes well with which pants.
Pedro's. I thought this was made of snakeskin and ostrich leather. The salesman said this is made of cow leather.
Bench. I like. (the color combination)
FILA. I'm not a great fan of shoes that markets itself as sporty (I'm not sporty and am not a sports fan) but when I saw this brown shoe on sale, I bought it.
Wade. I just love brown shoes.
W. Brown. Bought on sale in SM. I wanted to buy an ox-blood colored shoe (this is not really ox-blood but the color is close) at the time to wear with my black pants.
Wade. I shoe that I wanted to buy before in Mall of Asia. However it seems a little expensive for me at the time. A few months or week later, I went to Trinoma and found it on sale 20% off. I had to buy it. Maritalia, an affiliate of Rusty Lopez. I liked how it looks like the woodgrain design.
Leaveland. Design is a little different from most. I am looking for different looking shoes. The sales lady told me that I'm their first customer to buy this.
Leaveland. A little too big for my feet.

I still haven't taken pictures of my other shoes.


HappyB said...

Tsk tsk. Wala ako masabi.

Mr. Scheez said...

Wow! I love your shoes!

I have shoes from Carbon (Greenbelt), K-Bond (People Are People), and GBX. Gaganda kasi =)


noble and famous king said...

Thanks Mr. Scheez.

Now I think my shoes are too unusual to be worn in the office.