Thursday, September 4, 2008


When we were in La Union for work, I chanced upon a butterfly (or is it a moth) clinging still to the wall of the hotel-resort where we were staying. I took a picture of the insect but didn't get much time to appreciate its beauty.

On looking at the picture, I finally appreciated its beauty.

* * * * *
Butterflies have been used in gay pride parades and other gay-celebrations. I think a butterfly is one of the symbols of the LGBT community.
Now I know that the rainbow represents the whole spectrum of gender and sexuality but I'm not sure of the symbolism for the butterfly.
Maybe it's a symbol for the metamorphosis that one goes from being a straight-acting person during the day to a different person at night. Or maybe it's a symbol for the coming out of the closet, like a butterfly leaving its cocoon to spread its wings.

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