Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Jewellery" Box

This is a "jewellery box" that I bought in Baguio (Mines View, in particular).

And yes, the " " are necessary since right now, it doesn't hold anything of real financial value.

Its current contents are:

- "Silver" cufflinks (yes the " " are also necessary). I think this costs P399 or P499.
- A wrist watch from Unisilver (this at least has sentimental value since this is a gift)
- A wrist watch which came free from buying Chivas Regal in Duty Free
- A wrist watch that I bought from SM and costs P399.
- 2 neck wear (not really a necklace). These have black sort-of rubber string with metal pendants. Both costs less than P200 each.
- 4 neck wear that I bought in Baguio - all with black threads and cross pendants, in different designs, made of kamagong wood (or that's what the seller told me). I don't remember how much each costs but they're somewhere in 3 for P100 or 4 for P100.

Sometimes I also put there silver necklace (also has sentimental value since this is a special gift) but that doesn't happen since I'm always wearing it.

I was hoping that someday, someway, someone would give me something (a real jewellery, or an expensive watch) so that my "jewellery box" can transform into a Jewellery Box.

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