Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The song "Nobody" is so popular today.

- Some of my staff are dancing to the tune while in the office.
- A previous officemate has this on his skype: "I want your body, your body, not you!"
- Another previous officemate has this on her skype: "I have no money, no money but dues!"

* * *

Some people have weird names for their significant other.

A guy in our building calls (based on the name in cellphone, which I saw) his sweetheart "Honey Bunchy Munchy Crunchy".

* * *

A funny skype profile message of one of my previous officemate:

"Siguro, minsan, kaila­ngang madapa…
Wala lang, para eksena! Tapos, minsan, tambling naman para bongga!"

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