Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dream of an Apocalyptic World

I have several weird dreams or secret aspirations.

My secret dream occupation would be a sniper - except I'm not violent and I don't think I can carry out killing another person if I think of the family he/she will leave behind.

I also dream of being an actor in a musical play - except my signing voice is below average acceptable.

My most weird dream, however, is living in an apocalyptic world. A place where I can live in an urban center but with very very few human survivors but with modern conveniences still running (like electricity, water system and the internet). It would be a place where I can go to shopping malls and pick up any clothe I want, eat food I crave, etc. Like living in a ghost town. And then, I can finally read all the books I want, watch DVDs of movies I like (probably time enough to watch all movies in the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die). And not having to be a slave to work (except maybe cook food sometimes) and not dependent on the turning of the earth on its axis in eating, sleeping and doing other things.

In this regard, I like reading books or watching movies about people who suddenly find themselves in a ghost town. Movies like I Am Legend (except I wouldn't want human-turned-animals hunting me), and books like the Martian Chronicles (where almost everybody went back to earth and left Mars a ghost town) and the story the Langoliers (which I just finished reading last night, except the ghost town is really the past-world and is to be eaten into nothingness by the langoliers).

I kinda liked the feeling during the time of Ondoy. I was home, I was websurfing and nothing disturbs me (except the few water drips here and there). I know that it caused a lot of deaths and devastation but somehow, something inside of me wants it to happen again, where I can just watch TV (assuming Meralco doesn't shut power) or curl up in a corner and read a good book.

Sometimes I wish I am living in the twilight zone and would one day find like 90 to 95% of the people gone (like simply vanished - I wouldn't want to have to deal with rotting corpses).

People say I am a loner. And this weird dream maybe one of the signs that they are right.

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francis said...

hay naku. ikaw pala dahilan kung bakit bumalik si pepeng.