Sunday, April 4, 2010

Clash of the Titans

Yesterday, I watched Clash of the Titans in Greenbelt 3 with my father. (He went to Manila with me last Saturday night so he can watch Clash of the Titans in 3d).

I didn't have high expectations for this movie and yet I still came away disappointed. The movie is not bad but I think other epic movies have done far far better than this.

For one, the 3D effect are so few that I believe it wouldn't have made a difference had I watched it in regular 2D. (Actually, I would be less disappointed with the movie if I watched in regular 2D since I wouldn't be expecting Avatar-like 3D. (Like most movies of large budget released after Avatar, I think Clash of the Titans added some 3D scenes to their regularly filmed movies so it can cheat customers out of more bucks).

Another thing, watching the movie makes me think that this is a ripoff of Lord of the Rings in many ways. The walk from Argos to the three witches seems like the long journey from the Rivendell to Mordor; the scense of stone-faced people riding the scorpion things are very much like the big-elephant riding mercenaries of the Battle of Gondor. (Lord of the Rings, being a great movie, ruined all subsequent epic movies).

Sam Worthington - first thought: was he cast in this movie because of his acting chops in front of a greenscreen in Avatar? Performance-wise, couldn't judge since my thought all along the movie was he was hired because of his "experience" in front of a greenscreen.

Gemma Atterton - pretty lady. Why does she have to wear a dirty (gray) mop over her one-shouldered dress?

Tony Hoult (the guy who played Eusebios) - he's kinda cute. I was wondering why he was in the movie - seems out of place. Was he put there because he is a boylet of the director/casting director/producer?

Over-all, I was disappointed. This should be watched only in 2D.

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