Thursday, August 5, 2010

The New Love of My Life

These are the new love(s) of my life:

Kylie and King at 3 months.

The white with brown and black is Kylie. She was born April 22, 2010 (birthday of my sister). I bought her from my landlady and got her on June 19.

The black one with the tuxedo pattern (on the chest) is King. She was born April 24, 2010. I got him a week after I got Kylie since I noticed that Kylie seems sad when I leave for work everyday.

King is very affectionate and often follows me around the house. He likes to have his belly rubbed and would often lie with his belly exposed for me to rub. Kylie, on the other hand, is more independent. She also follows me around but only after King ran up to me. Further, she would usually stop two to three human steps from me (unlike King who rans up and stays near my feet). She's seems headstrong and independent and more curious. Often, she would sit in the balcony and watch the comings and goings of vehicles and people on the street below.

King likes to bark when he wants to be let out of the playpen. He barks and barks if I'm looking. If I turn around or go out of the room, he barks, then stops when he figures I'm not letting him out. Kylie just sits there and lets King do all the barking. Why strain her vocal chords when she can just let King do all the work but share in the reward (being let out)?

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chocolate said...

it is so cute , but I see Kylie is adorable. You are very Kind when you think about them