Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On Busy-ness - Musical Bottles

I am bored most of the time. I need to have a project, something where I can channel my creative energy - if I still have this. And I tried several things to take my mind off boredom.

My most recent unsuccessful try involves creating musical bottles.

A few weeks ago while I was cleaning the apartment, I got annoyed at all the San Mig Light and Cali bottles at the apartment. Don't wanna throw them out as I may need them when I buy SML or Cali again. Then I remembered that back in high school, I created musical bottles. It was then that I got the idea of creating musical bottles using all these SML and Cali bottles. Being the lazy person that I am, it took me two or three more weeks before I could get enough will and determination to put this plan into action.

And so, I got the first bottle and put water enough to fill the whole container. I struck the bottle. The pitch sounded high, much higher than I expected. After pouring water in the second and third bottles and striking them using a wooden spoon, I was disappointed to find out that the tone hardly varied. It was almost the same high-pitched tone as the first bottle. And so, with all hopes dashed, I abandoned this futile exercises and did what I almost always do at home - watch DVD movies.

I remember creating a set of musical bottles back in high school for our Music class. It was easy, just pour water into bottles in different amounts and listen. Back then, I used Tanduay bottles, the so-called "lapad". It worked pretty well and the tones were almost perfect.

Oh well, effort wasted. I guess it has to do with the bottles. My friend said that SML/Cali bottles are proportionately thicker than the Tandua bottles so there is less room for the sound to vibrate, thus resulting in the almost-same high-pitched tone.

And now, I still have nothing productive to do at work and am still wondering what to do with all those bottles.

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