Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life as I Know It

  • Whereas in the previous year or two, I was collecting DVDs (which by now must have cost more than P90k), I am now into buying household stuff (kitchenwares, organizers, home accessories, etc.)
  • My idea of relaxation now is to go to Japan Home Center and go through each rack of cheap but good quality home things.
  • I'm still bored with work.
  • I still come to work late.
  • I am now into watching "The Golden Girls", finally a series to watch. I've watched Friends too many times already. Writing of the Golden Girls is quite similar to Friends. I have finished watching season 1 and am almost halfway through season 2.
  • I bought a 3-in-1 shredder (shreds paper, CD and credit card) from CD-R King yesterday (P990). I spent last time shredding paper (mostly credit card billings) and cleaning the house (the paper shredder turns off automatically after sometime to prevent overheating). I now have a large plastic bag full of shredded paper.
  • I finally had the resolve to decrease drastically my smoking. Before I have a 2 cigarettes before work (one while in the toilet and another while walking to work), 1 or 2 during my morning break, 1 or 2 during lunch time, 1 to 3 during the afternoon, 1 while walking to the tricycle station on going home, and about 2 to 4 at night while watching TV/DVD. Yesterday, I only had 1. Today, so far only 1 cigarette and I do not intend to smoke another stick.
  • I realized the key to decreasing smoking for me is not to have a stock of cigarette in the office or at home.
  • Instead of smoking, I resolve to clean my house everynight to alleviate my restlessness from the decreased level in nicotine.
  • I am now restless since my body is not used to such low level of nicotine yet.
  • I did not go to work yesterday. I went to Japan Home Center yesterday (spent P1000+ on some garbage bin, plastic ware, colored pencils, fancy scissors, etc.) then went to CD-R King Waltermart to buy the paper shredder.
  • I'm still looking for a cheap steering wheel that I can use for my PS-2. I want to play driving on my PS2 so I can get my license and be confident on driving a real car. The steering wheel lent by my brother is so hard to use, it is actually easier to drive a real car than play a PS2 game with using that steering wheel.
  • CD-R King has several models of the steering wheel for computer games with prices ranging from P680 to P980, no luck finding a branch that still has stock.
  • I am thinking of buying a wall fan for my room, so that no valuable floor space is wasted by my electric fan.
  • I want to buy a drill to install the wallfan and to do other home projects. The wallfan will cost probably around P1000, the drill to install it would probably cost as much.
  • I don't know to maximize space at home while keeping most of my stuff on the second floor of my house. Third floor is just for the bathroom/toilet, room used solely for keeping all my clothes and a roofed terrace for doing the laundry (which my mother does when she visits my) and keeping all the boxes from all the stuff that I buy.
  • I have a satellite dish and a cable connection. I am paying P200 per month to share the SkyCable line with the tenants. I bought a satellite dish with DMBox converter for P3,800. I don't use the satellite dish. The channel lineup and video quality of SkyCable is so much better than those obtained by using the satellite dish.
  • I'm thinking of buying a P3,400 telescope from Makati Square. It's supposed to be for looking into space. Maybe I can now look into the scarred face of the moon that has for so long been compared by poets to the face of their beloved.


francis said...

OMG. You're becoming a shopaholic and a pathological hoarder. But good to know you're dealing with your nicotine addiction. Keep it up.

wanderingcommuter said...

this made me think na marami pala akong kailangan bilhin... at pinag isip mo na naman akong gumastos... hehehe