Friday, January 22, 2010

Relic from an Artistic Past

When I was a child, my artistic abilities were above that of a regular kid. In elementary, I was getting high marks in the subject called MAPE (music, arts and PE) but I was always second best to this classmate of mine (who was also gay - artistry must run in the blood). But then, I was number one in all other subjects so what's let him has glory.

I made the drawing above when I was in grade 3 or 4. I used a box of pastel crayons that my brother brought me and I copied the girl in the cover of my very first photo album.

My mother put my drawing on the inside door of their closet and somehow it has survived almost 2 decades inside that closet door. Hmmm...


francis said...

How nice naman ng mothr mo.

But what's with the horse?

noble and famous king said...

The horse and the flowers came from another drawing. (I don't really remember what drawing). My mother cut them up and taped them to the larger drawing.