Saturday, February 13, 2010

PSP Firmware Upgrade

I bought my PSP slim (officially PSP 2000) about 2 years ago.

Last week, I finally was able to download some new games through the magic of torrents. I downloaded the very delightful Locoroco 2 (much better than the first), patapon 1 and 2, silent hill shattered memories, locoroco midnight carnival (demo game only as I found out). Silent Hill and Locoroco 2 did not work properly on my PSP since apparently, it was ripped from original game using the later PSP homebrews (hacked program).

Yesterday,I finally upgraded the firmware my PSP to the new one (my original firmware was 3.71 m33-2 which I upgraded to 5.50 gen-d3.

The PSP hack was quite easy to do. The website for PSP hacks have all the right links for downloading and even a video tutorial on how to do it.

Finally, Silent Hill Shattered Memories works on my PSP though very slow. The only downside was my save data for locoroco 2 (almost complete except for buibui fort 3 - 20 loco berries, 3 mui muis, 23 or 28 moja bunyos), completion of loco berries in perculoka 1 and kelapton 3, 2 stamp sheets, several stamps and a few other things. Now I have to start again on this game.

I figured this is a small price to pay for the sense of having successfully upgraded my PSP on my own.

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1 great advise, there are firmware that you should test unless they're already tested by others, because, there are firmwares that once you upgrade your psp you cannot downgrade and put the stable firmware of it :D