Saturday, February 27, 2010

After weeks of playing Locoroco 2, I finally completed my Mui Mui House:

This is considering that I have to replay the game from the start due to a saved data corruption when I updated my firmware.

Now all I need to complete the game are:

- complete Loco berries in Perculoca 1 (so hard to reach some berries) and BuiBui Fort 3 (hard to complete the stage - did it once with 19 berries)
- the minimovie and free stamp rewarded for completing the berries in the two stages above
- Getting the 4 more music for the Mui Mui House (I think by beating Bui Bui in the race in Kelapton 2, BuiBui Fort 3 and some other stages)
- Completing stamps (I think I need about 12 to 13 more stamps).

Whew! When can I finish it?

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