Monday, May 10, 2010

"who cares?"

"Who cares?"

This is a comment I received from an anonymous reader of my post on Andrew Knowlton.

Somehow, that comment got me annoyed, frustrated and even saddened.

In a normal (person-to-person) conversation, those two word would be quite offensive. However, in a normal conversation, there is a chance that they were uttered because it was your fault. You could be talking too much about yourself, talking of petty or unnecessary things, failing to keep the other person's attention or failing to notice that he/she doesn't give a damn what you're talking about.

For a blog, I find this comment inexcusably offensive. For one, a blog is a person's thoughts or ideas (at least mine is). It is not forced on anyone and you don't have to read what the blog says if you don't feel like it. I (or any blogger) can blog on and on and it shouldn't matter because I'm not forcing my ideas on anyone. But to comment "who cares?" on a blog that nobody forced someone to read is like insisting that someone talk to you and then rudely put them down with an "I don't care what you're talking about". So rude.

Anyway, to all commenters out there, avoid bad comments that are uncalled for.

* * * * *

The comment needed my approval before posting and I decided to approve it anyway as a reminder of how ________ (insert adjective) some people can be.

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