Monday, November 12, 2007

My Digital Life

Yesterday, I was finaly able to buy an external hard drive. My company issued laptop is running out of space because of the redundant back ups of files (very redundant indeed). I no longer have space (in my laptop) for my mp3 files and movie files.

At least with an 80gb external drive, I will be able to save a lot more files of whatever nature.

I used to have 13++gb of music files, most of which were deleted, thanks to our ever reliant Technology group. All music and video files are no longer allowed to be saved in our "d" drive but you can't store much in the "c" drive because your computer will runout of operating disk space or something like that. And now I am storing all my music cds into wma format. So far I have used less than 8gb for my music files. Much less than my original files.

My internet life (in the office) is also severely limited by the various programs that blocks most of the good stuff: no friendster, no g4m, no game sites, no job sites and no porn sites. I don't mind much blocking the porn sites, but the inability to access the other sites is very frustrating. And we can't even use proxies anymore.

Because of all this internet blocking, my internet life is limited to very few sites, like blogspot, imdb, wikipedia, yahoo, my banking sites and some other "harmless" sites. I'm only able to access friendster and g4m through my cellphone (which most of the times have network problems) or when I go to internet shops.

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HappyB said...

Aha.. You're in G4M... he he