Monday, November 26, 2007


Today, I went to the office early... or earlier than the usual time I go to the office.

I finished editing an FS for an audit that has extended for more than 2 years.

An earthquake shook Metro Manila and other provinces. Being on the 19th floor of our building, the earthquake seemed strong.

I went to lunch at our building's foodcourt. Couldn't decide on what to eat so I bought salisbury steak with buttered vegetables, which is just bland ground beef with hardly any gravy and with a few slices of buttered sayote.

While eating, I saw a guy I went on a date with. At first I did not see his face. I just saw him put a plastic cup of frappe with his name on it on a nearby table. I remembered his name and figured it must be him. It was him and he went to where I am eating to exchange some words. He was with a girl.

I texted him about having a "gf". Of course he found it ridiculous, him being out to his friends and family (except to his lola who is too old to handle such news).

I smoked some cigarettes and went back to the office.

I edited some portions of the illustrative FS, particularly on the portion of cash flow statement. I stopped doing that.

I am now writing this blog and am very sleepy. I want to go home and sleep.

In a few hours, I would be going home to sleep. Most probably I'd be watching some TV, then a movie in DVD then go to sleep late.

Tomorrow, it will probably be the same, except that there may not be an earthquake and there is a very small chance that I will accidentally met a guy who I went out on a date with.

Haaaay. Mundane life. Boring days. Unexciting nights.

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