Thursday, November 8, 2007


The suicide of a 12-year old girl in Davao was in the news last night. Nothing particularly new about suicide, except that it was done by a 12-year old girl, a child. I am shocked that someone as young as twelve would take her own life.

* * * * *
Her suicide is such a waste! I believe that she is an intelligent girl. Her diary indicates that she committed suicide because of extreme poverty and how it affects her ability to get education. She may be no Anne Frank, nonetheless, here intelligence is above average. Not everyone keeps a diary, much more a twelve-year old girl living in a barrio.
* * * * *
Suicide, to some, may be the fastest way to escape problems. A sure way to put an end to it all. I say, these people are selfish. They only think of escaping and ending their problems. Have they no idea that by killing themselves, they are creating problems (emotional and financial) problems to their loved ones who get left behind?
* * * * *
My current attitude on death is summed up in a song Old Man River:
"I'm tired of living but I'm scared of dying."
* * * * *
There are times when the idea of suicide entered by mind. I cannot do it and I will not do it. Life's still beautiful. We just need to go out once in a while and, as they say, smell the flowers.
* * * * *

LEONARD: Why does someone have to die? . . .
In your book, is it someone have to die? . . .

VIRGINIA: Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more.
It's contrast.

LEONARD: And who will die?
Tell me.

VIRGINIA: The poet will die.
The visionary.

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