Monday, November 5, 2007

Random TV Thoughts

Last Saturday night, I was able to catch some of Kuya Germ's Walang Tulugan. To people who don't know Kuya Germs, it is surprising to know that this man dominated GMA during the 80s and early 90s. Back then, he works seven days a week. He works in the afternoon from Monday to Saturday in That's Entertainment and on Sundays in GMA Supershow.

It was in these shows that many talents were discovered. That's Entertainment is practically a factory for young stars. Then, that format for discovering talents passed out of style. With the coming of such shows as Ang TV.

GMA Supershow dominated Sunday afternoons. It was at this time when stars would grace the show and fans could come up to stage and put leis of sampaguita on them. Some would go as far as to wipe the perspiration off their idols and even kiss their idols.

Today, Kuya Germ's is reduced to a very late night TV show. Talking and still trying to kindle that STAR MAKER quality at a time when people are either sleeping or out on gimmicks. I bet his show was just GMA's way of showing gratitude to a man who was of great use to the station a decade ago.

Kuya Germs remind me so much of Kris Aquino. Whereas Kris dominates ABS-CBN shows today, Kuya Germs dominates channel 7 a decade ago.

Will Kris Aquino's fate be the same as that of Kuya Germs.

* * * * *

In fairness to Kuya Germs, he spent his TV life helping (careerwise and financially) many people. I cannot say the same for Kris as I do not know where she spends her money.

* * * * *
I don't watch much TV. And if I do, I usually watch shows in studio 23 (at night) and GMA 7 (during the day).
Lately, however, I am getting hooked on Marimar Aw! Something about the show makes me want to watch it. Probably because I missed out on the Marimar phenomenon several years ago.
* * * * *
My nephews and niece (and other people) are hooked on Kokey, the fantaserye. I cannot understand this. I cannot even understand why ABS-CBN made the show.
The movie Kokey was corny enough (a rip off of E.T.) but to make a teleserye about Kokey?!
I guess I'll never know. TV executives may have a different idea on what the masses will accept and what they will not.
* * * * *
Fantaserye, I believe, began with ABS-CBNs Marina starring Claudine Barretto. It was quickly copied by GMA with its own mermaid fantaserye starring Rufa Mae Quinto. However, fantaserye boomed when GMA produced and aired Mulawin.
And now, many fantaseryes are being produced.
* * * * *
A month or two ago, I finally saw the end of Voltes V. Nothing spectacular about that, except that I saw Voltes V when I was a kid, which was more than 15 years ago. And only after 15 years was I able to finally see the series' conclusion.
Maybe in a few years, I will finally see the end of Shaider.

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