Monday, November 19, 2007


Last night, while my parents were in my apartment and sleeping, I watched Shortbus, "the most sexually explicit film that is not pornography." I had the dvd for quite sometime but when I watched it in the past, I usually go to the "good parts" and skip the rest. But watching it last night, I found the movie really good (I haven't finished it yet).

It tells about the lives of different people living in New York (after the 9/11 attack) who go to an underground club "Shortbus." The movie is full of sex scenes but it is not about sex. It is about sexuality. The main characters have sex with other people (a lot too) but they don't get sexual gratification, such as the case of the sex therapist who never had an orgasm in her life.

But underneath all the sex, there's a strong emotion of sadness in the characters' life. Is it really that the lives of New Yorkers are sad and lonely?

* * * * *
It is Friday and I still haven't finished watching Shortbus. I am here in my client, which fortunately, has an unencrypted wi-fi.
I don't really know how to close this blog about shortbus. Once again, I just want to write. I know what to write about but I don't know how to write the things I want to write.
I liked Shortbus and I will be looking for Hedwig and the Angry Inch. That's all for now.
* * * * *
(Updated 11/28) I finally watched the end of Shortbus last night. While watching the last 15 minutes or so, I realized that the movie is not just about sadness. The movie is about sadness and not being able to feel, of being desensitized to love and sex:
James is a guy who's been with a partner for a long time. His partner loves him but somehow he can't feel the love, or at least he cannot feel the specialness of his partner's love. Only when he was fucked by another guy (he's never been a bottom) was he able to feel.
Sofie is a sex therapist, who also has a partner, and has never experienced an orgasm.
The dominatrix is a girl who makes a living by hurting people but inside she feels nothing.
The movie ends, as expected in Shortbus - James at last fell in love with Jamie, Sofie achieved an orgasm while having a threesome with a couple and the dominatrix woman was finally able to cry.
It is a very sad and intelligent movie.
And the music's really great.

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