Friday, April 17, 2009

The Amazing Susan Boyle!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, as in most days, I check the news in Yahoo home page and there was a video of Susan Boyle. I clicked on it and boy was I amazed!!!!

I normally don't go for superlatives but she deserves all the exclamation points!!!! I love musical, particularly Webber's and Boublil's/Schonbergs so it is no surprise that I immediately adored her.

For most people, admiration for Susan comes from surprise. You wouldn't expect THAT VOICE from someone who looks like her (she actually looks more like Mme. Thenardier), 47, unemployed and had mental disability during childhoold. For me it's not that she has a good voice, she performed the song so extraordinarily well. Comparable or even better than Ruthie Henshall's wonderful performance of the song during Les Mis' 10th Anniversary Concert. Yesterday, I thought Ruthie Henshall's version was still better but on going home, I popped my DVD of the Les Mis' anniversary concert and got to watch Ruthie's version. Now I am convinced that Susan's version is as good or even better. Ruthie's version is more emotional (as you'd expect when the song is sung within the play) but Susan's version is SOULFUL.

Kudos! Kudos! Because of Susan, it renewed my interest in Webber, Boublil/Schonberg and other musicals.

I'm expecting greater things for and from Susan Boyle.

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