Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reality TV

Having cable TV connections now, I get to watch many shows. I am particularly fond of watching shows on Maxxx (targetted at male audiences), Velvet (targetted at female audiences), Lifestyle (channel for cooking, fashion, design, etc.) and Asian Food Channel.

Watching Velvet made me realize how much "reality" shows there are in the US. Some reality shows are ok and I am willing to watch. For example, Survivor (the challenge parts), Amazing Race, American Idol and other talent search shows. But what I cannot understand are those reality shows where the camera just shows a bunch of people in one house (Big Brother) or just one people (reality shows of celebrities).

It's Complicated - Denise Richards
Living Lohan - Ali Lohan
Keeping Up with the Kardashians - Kim Kardashian and her family
A new reality show of Paula Abdul
A reality show of Pamela Anderson
The show of Kimora Lee Simmons(?) - an eventologist that I never heard of before I saw her show on TV

I can understand some "reality" shows where people go through challenges to achieve immunity or to win a million dollar, but a reality where you just watch a bunch of people sit and do crazy stuff while locked inside a home is just too much. The same for watching a reality shows that just follows a celebrity through their everyday lives.

Their lives are not that interesting anyway.

And I just noticed that most celebrity reality shows feature female celebrities. Female celebrities seem to be more willing to flaunt their lives on TV or they have more money to pay for a TV station to show their lives on screen, or they crave more attention that they want their lives on TV.

Anyway, some reality shows do have some impact. Without Pinoy Big Brother, we wouldn't have BB Gandanghari.


If my life were turned into a reality show. It would be really boring. It would start with me waking up at around 7 or 8 am, dawdling and watching TV, getting to work late, doing some "work", going out of the office at around 6 to 7pm, going to Japan Home Center or Shopwise, going home, watching TV, jerking off, then going to sleep. Weekends would be a little different with the boyfriend coming over.

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francis said...

the jer...g part won't be boring. :-)