Saturday, April 25, 2009


A few years ago, friendster is the default social networking site for all the world (so popular that the site was restricted by the IT in my previous company). Then came myspace and multiply. And now facebook.

I have an account with friendster, multiply and facebook. I check facebook more or less regularly. Multiply and friendster, once in a while. Multiply and friendster doesn't seem to have much going on. For multiply, I only check and read some of my friend's posts. For friendster, nothing. Just checking for old time's sake. For me, I keep my account in friendster for old time's sake, for some friends and the boyfriend who doesn't have facebook. Seriously, does friendster have any plans for its site? Looks like Friendster now is braindead and just being kept alive by users like me for sentimental reasons. When are we going to pull the plug and let it die?

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