Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flower Arrangements

Just recently, I watched a show called "Top Design" which is a reality show like Project Runway but instead of fashion designers, the contestants are interior designers. The episode I watched is the triathlon and one of the legs of the triathlon is table setting. One of the contestants set this table arrangement:

I was inspired by the arrangements, especially by the flower centerpieces that I thought of buying a proper dining table with chairs and do a full table setting (including flower centerpieces, table runners, plates and spoons displayed on the table). However, I couldn't find a table small enough to fit in my already crowded apartment and inexpensive enough that I don't have to shell big bucks. The table I was eyeing in Shopwise was already sold out. I contented myself with doing flower arrangements. I made the following flower arrangement (or merely just flower positioning) for a foldable coffee table.

I also made a very simple arrangement of sunflowers for my room to be placed near my TV.

This afternoon while walking in SM Makati, I chanced upon this square plastic leaves and I liked the design (sort of like ivy on walls) and bought three pieces. I then bought some plastic flowers from Landmark.

On reaching home and on being free from other stuff, I made this arrangement which I am proud of (I sent a picture through MMS to a dear friend in Channel Island and to another friend). This arrangement now proudly hangs in my bedroom door.

Made me think that I am so gay to derive pleasure from arranging flowers. =)

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francis said...

Sosyal. Idecorate mo nga house ko. Hehe