Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Least Favorite State in the US

The United States of America has 50 states plus the District of Columbia. I can't enumerate each of the states but I do know that of the 50 states, California has the most number of electoral votes (55 during last election) followed by Texas (I think around 34 electoral votes).

If asked about my favorite state, it will be a toss up between New York and California. Both states figure much in entertainment, both are generally liberal in attitude, both are Democrat-leaning. New York is the financial capital of the US (or even the world) while California has a nice weather.

If asked about my least favorite state, it would be a resounding Texas! for several reasons:

(a) Texas is a Republican state - I do not like Republicans because of its conservative views (on gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research) and every election, its main campaign tactic seem to be to divide the United States based on religion and morals and not on real national issues(especially now with hard right Republicans getting the upper hand in Republican leadership). I like the Democratic Party with its more liberal view on gay marriage and stem cell reseach (abortion I still do not like) and its emphasis on education, health care and culture.
(a.1) Texas is a conservative state
(a.2) Texas is generally anti-gay marriage
(a.3) George W. Bush (one of the most reviled US President) is from Texas.

(b) Texas is associated with cowboys - I do not like a society that thrives on machismo, and Westerns (movies that is - always associated with cowboys) is a patriarchal society. That's why I don't like Clint Eastwood (btw, Clint Eastwood is a Republican and supported McCain last election).

(c) Texas is rich in oil - Oil is important, but I associate oil with greedy executives, destruction of the environment (through oil extraction and carbon emission) and generally, the rise in the prices of almost everything else. (On the same note, I don't like member nations of OPEC).

(d) Texas is hot - I do not like hot places. The heat of the Philippines is enough.

Had McCain won the last election, Arizona would be my second least favorite state. It's almost the same as Texas (Republican-leaning, associated with cowboys and hot).

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