Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recurring Dreams

Today I woke up late again. Before I woke up and during the time between wakefulness and sleep, I had a dream. This is a different dream from my previous ones but there are some recurring elements:

- I dreamed that again, I am looking for a place to take a shower. This is the element that is usually present in my dreams. Before, I was looking for a place to take a shower in a place with thick walls (similar to Intramuros) and I couldn't take a shower near a manual deepwell pump. This time, I've been through several houses and somehow couldn't find a place to take a shower. Maybe it's because I take a bath in the nude and I have issues baring my body. Or maybe it's because I don't like taking a bath in the morning (after I wake up).

- I dreamed I was looking for a job. In my dream, it appears like I already have no job and was looking for one. It's weird that in the dream, I was considering applying for work in SGV. What's weirder is that in the dream, I got a job working for a Chinese lady (what specific job, I don't know but somehow it is manual - probably like lifting merchandise to and from warehouse to their stores or customers' vehicles). Really weird.

- I was wearing a trench coat. It's double-breasted, yellowish brown and in a plaid pattern, with some circular discoloration due to the gold-colored metal buttons. The trench coat appeared to be a female's and I was wearing only shorts and a shirt underneath it so I (in my dream) noticed how unfashionable it was of me to wear a trench coat with shorts and not long pants.

- I was looking for a house (and trying to find a place to shower in different houses). I've been to several houses, including a concrete townhouse probably owned by the Chinese lady I work for. Most probably this is just a dormitory for their workers. The other house is the old house of our neighbor, which was torn down because the owner wanted to sell the lot and they couldn't buy it. The house was made of wood (the type of wood slats found in old houses which are interlocking). The house was twice or thrice the size of the actual house owned by our neighboors and the interior is very dark, as if the house was made from mahogany or other hardwoods.

Somehow these dreams are unsettling, especially the element where I was looking for a job. If it includes me looking for a new job, it's ok but I was looking for a job (unemployed at the time I was looking for work).

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